Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flora & Fauna ~


 Prawn Curry in a pineapple shell - Bangkok

Moments in Time ~

 At the tiger temple - Kanchanaburi, Thailand

 Red Velvet Cupcake :)

 Sufis - Khartoum, Sudan

 A farmer by the river Nile - Al Sabaloga, Sudan

 Al Sabaloga - Sudan

 Sunset @ Al Sabaloga, Sudan


 Frozen Yogurt - Yum!

 Follow the chain

 Be careful of love

 For the love of sunsets

 In peace

Foot in the sky


Bridge over the river Nile - Khartoum, Sudan

 Khartoum - Sudan

 Grand Castle - Bangkok, Thailand

 The Nile - Khartoum, Sudan

 Burj Al Fateh - Khartoum, Sudan
 Nile Street - Khartoum

Clifton 4th Beach - Cape Town, South Africa

 Al Sabaloga - Sudan

 River Nile, Al Sabaloga, Sudan

Lonley tree - Al Sabaloga, Sudan

Wedding Photography


 Curious Child

 Bangkok - Thailand

 Aspiring Model - Sudan

 Kids playing with cement - South Africa

 Just Dance - South Africa

 Comfort in a hug - South Africa

Naked Fun - South Africa

 A little girl sleeping peacefully at the bottom of the cart on which her mother was selling fruits in a busy Chinatown - Thailand

"I'm so pretty"
"Speak no evil"